Dentists can help identify cardio disease; And, where did that mercury go?

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With the growing body of research supporting the link between oral and systemic health, dentists are increasingly being urged to take a more active role in identifying patients at risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Now, a study in this month's Journal of the American Dental Association provides empirical evidence to support the role of the dental visit as an entry point for a patient’s overall care. Looking at 200 patients in Sweden with no history of cardiovascular disease, researchers found that dentists can play a potentially life-saving role for some patients by identifying those at risk for fatal heart attacks and referring them to physicians. Read more.

In other clinical news, a University of Saskatchewan research team has shed new light on how the chemical forms of mercury on the surface of amalgam fillings change over time. Their findings should further fuel the debate over the safety of dental amalgam. Read more.

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