U.K. dentist banned for performing unnecessary fillings

U.K. authorities have permanently banned a dentist who conned patients into paying thousands of pounds for fillings they did not need, according to a news story on telegraph.co.uk.

The dentist, Constantine Saridakis, reportedly told patients that were suffering from tooth decay that their teeth would require costly treatment -- despite second opinions to the contrary, according to the story.

When his partner confronted him, he reportedly said, "Sometimes I'm in a money-making mood."

"The committee considered suspension of your registration but concluded that a period of suspension would not sufficiently protect the public in future," said Nicola Smith, chair of the General Dental Council's Fitness to Practice hearing, in the story. "It further concluded that both the reputation of the profession and public confidence in the profession would continue to be damaged if a dentist who dishonestly acted out of financial motives against the interests of patients was permitted to remain on the register. It has therefore determined that the only appropriate and proportionate sanction in this case is erasure."

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