Dos and don'ts for effective scheduling

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Who runs the office? You or the schedule?

The schedule is the most important operational system. It has the greatest impact on what kind of day you and your team have. When an office has an inefficient schedule, the office faces all types of problems, including unhappy patients, poor customer service, high stress for the team, and low employee morale. That's no way to practice! Implement an effective scheduling system with defined targets that drive productivity while creating a low-stress practice environment.

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Schedule all new patients within seven to 10 days. This is the target that Levin Group recommends to ensure new patients stay motivated to present for their appointments. If patients have to wait for several weeks or longer, many will seek dental care elsewhere. When designing the schedule, designate daily time slots for new patients.

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Don't forget to keep active patients active. One of the best methods for retaining current patients is to establish an effective hygiene recare system. Scheduling all recare patients for their next appointment during checkout helps ensure they remain active patients. Use appropriate scripts to build value for each appointment throughout the entire patient experience.

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