Dentist jailed after struggle with patient over dentures

A dentist from Deltona, FL, has received felony charges of false imprisonment, battery, and assault on a person older than 65 and grand theft after an altercation with an 85-year-old patient, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

The incident occurred when Michael G. Hammonds, DDS, adjusted Virginia Graham's lower partial denture and she cried out in pain, the News-Journal reported. She pulled the denture out of her mouth, threw it at Dr. Hammond, and demanded a refund. When he refused to comply, she tried to grab the denture back and Dr. Hammonds began yelling at her, according to the story.

Audio of a subsequent 911 call revealed that Graham then climbed on a desk in an attempt to escape out of a window while office staff tried to prevent her from leaving until the police arrived, the newspaper reported.

Dr. Hammond is being held in Volusia County Branch Jail on $4,000 bail.

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