Dos and don'ts for hygiene education: Communication is key

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Increase patient awareness of hygiene care

Practices should use a variety of methods to fully educate patients about the extent of hygiene care that occurs in a typical recare visit. Patients are not aware of everything that is included in the hygiene appointment. One way to educate patients is the hygiene brochure.


Use a hygiene brochure. The hygiene brochure gives patients a better understanding about the different types of services provided during the hygiene appointment. The brochure should include the following information:

  • Services provided during the hygiene visit, including oral cancer screening, caries screening, radiographs, periodontal screening, scaling, and polishing
  • Home-care instructions including specific recommendations, such as a list of products to use
  • Philosophy of treatment, including patient education, communication, and highest quality of care


Don't downplay the hygiene appointment. It is important that patients understand and value the full array of services provided during the hygiene appointment. A dental hygiene brochure, reinforced by effective communication skills from the team, will help assure patients that they are receiving the highest possible quality of care.

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