What documentation is needed for orthodontic treatment? And student loan debt; what is a dental lab worth?

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

What kind of documentation is needed for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning? A large amount? An individual set? An article by contributing writer Rosemary Frei on a new systematic review in PLOS One studies what level of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning is needed. Might these results change how you practice? Read more here.

No matter where you are in your professional life, you probably have or had a significant amount of student loan debt at one point or knew someone who did. Even bankruptcy doesn't necessarily discharge your student loan debt. Contributing writer Megan Hille explores the options to help ease the pressure along the way.

Do you or someone you know own a dental lab? Are you considering purchasing or selling one? If so, you'll want to read the piece by Thomas Climo, PhD, on the valuation of dental labs from different economic perspectives. Climo asks: "What is my dental lab worth if sold to another lab owner in contrast to its sale on the open private and public equity capital markets?" Find out here.

All this week, look for coverage and tweets from associate editor Rob Goszkowski who is covering the 2013 Greater New York Dental Meeting.

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