Medicaid cutbacks painful for patients and dentists alike
July 16, 2009 -- California's decision to end Medicaid benefits for adults July 1 is already causing pain for the state's poorest -- and it's affecting dental professionals, too. Read More
Experts offer tips for putting crowns under partials
July 15, 2009 -- When a patient needs a new crown under an existing removable partial denture, the dentist faces a dilemma. Two experts interviewed by offer their low-cost solutions. Read More
Anesthesia-induced hallucinations key to dentist's acquittal
July 14, 2009 -- A Pennsylvania oral surgeon accused of molesting 17 female patients was acquitted last week of all charges in a case that centered on the extreme effects some anesthetics -- notably propofol -- can have. Read More
Critics blast proposed Colorado sedation rules
July 13, 2009 -- The Colorado Board of Dental Examiners has delayed imposing new sedation rules that would have required 60 hours of training for dentists practicing "minimal" sedation. Read More
Report calls for paradigm shift in NHS dentistry
July 10, 2009 -- National Health Service (NHS) dentists in the U.K. may be paid by the number of patients they care for and the quality of that care rather than how many procedures they perform, if recommendations from a new review of the NHS dental system become reality. Read More
Flapless implant surgery an effective option
July 9, 2009 -- Flapless implant surgery may appeal to dentists who would like to add implants to their practice but hesitate because of the surgical complexity involved. Research has shown that results with this approach can be as good as or better than conventional implants. Read More
Minn. adopts Canadian dental licensing exam
July 8, 2009 -- In what is being hailed as yet another landmark decision in Minnesota, the state dental board has unanimously voted to adopt the Canadian dental exam, making it the first state in the U.S. to endorse nonpatient-based licensure exams for dentists. Read More
Tissue regeneration offers less painful gum surgery option
July 7, 2009 -- Researchers from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine have developed a new application for guided tissue regeneration that they say reduces the pain and recovery time of gum grafting surgery when compared to traditional methods. Read More
Study: Stone Age lifestyle helps periodontal health
July 6, 2009 -- When Swiss National Television proposed a reality show in which 10 people would live on a Stone Age diet -- and not brush their teeth for four weeks -- researchers at the Universities of Bern and Zürich jumped at the chance to study their teeth. Read More
Orange juice worse for teeth than bleaching
July 3, 2009 -- A new study has found that orange juice and other acidic fruit juices are more harmful to tooth enamel than hydrogen peroxide, the common ingredient in professional and over-the-counter teeth-whitening products. Read More
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