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Yes Everything - PANAVIA SA CEMENT Universal
Introducing PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal from Kuraray Noritake. This is a self-adhesive resin cement that adheres to virtually every material and doesn't require a separate primer or silane. This cement creates an efficient, cost effective restorative work flow without compromising bond strength.
Easy, Single-Step Cementation (even to Glass Ceramics).

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal 
a breakthrough in silane technology


  • Suitable for prosthetic restorations
  • Silane is included in the cement paste (unique LCSi monomer)
  • Original MDP monomer 
  • No need for separate primer or silane
  • Easy clean-up
  • Store at room temperature 

PANAVIA SA Cement Universal delivers a strong, durable chemical bond to: 



Only one per office

Code: BICU0420

In the midst of concerns over COVID-19, as we are all trying to stay well and keep our families and businesses safe, we would like you to know that we here at Kuraray Noritake Dental are taking safety measures to protect our employees, business and customers. Our online statement can be obtained here.

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