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Fla. dentist pulls car with teeth in bid to break world record

By Melissa Busch, associate editor

March 9, 2023 -- The world record for pulling a 2,000-lb car by the teeth for 30 m is 18.13 seconds. A Florida dentist aims to have his name published in the Guinness World Records by beating that time, according to news reports.

Dr. Michael Foley is already on his way. Using a mouthpiece made of leather, which is referred to as an iron jaw, the dentist can pull his Lotus 30 m in 30 seconds.

Foley is a collector of oddities, including an authentic 20-ft anaconda skin, and an artist. He made the iron jaw after purchasing one and was inspired by similar devices used by trapeze artists. Circus performers, like those who hang from a high wire, attach customized leather mouthpieces to a trapeze and bite down, allowing them to remain suspended in the air.

This isn't the first time that Foley, of Friendly Smiles Dental Care, has shown off his weird side. Ripley's Believe It or Not magazine has honored Foley's creations on two occasions. He was recognized for his creation of a human denture made with shark teeth, as well as a "KGB tooth" that was influenced by old spy movies. The tooth is a fake molar with a hidden compartment reserved for a cyanide pill, according to the stories.

Some of Foley's other eccentric finds, which reside in a room of his home, include a cast of what is called a genuine Bigfoot footprint and a size 37AA shoe, which was made for the late Robert Wadlow, who was considered the world's tallest man at 8 ft, 11 inches tall.

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