Thought Leaders in Dentistry

Ask Marty: Have any opinions on handheld intraoral cameras?
June 29, 2009 -- A: Sure do! They are a wonderful adjunct to dentistry because they are easy to use and always available.  Discuss
Ask Marty: What is the least expensive way to get started with digital radiography?
June 19, 2009 -- A: Congratulations on getting ready to make the transition to digital radiography. Digital imaging equipment will offer substantial time savings, ease of use, and superior diagnostic quality.  Discuss
Sometimes it's the little things
June 18, 2009 -- An office remodel may not be in your budget right now, but even in the current economy, there are simple, inexpensive things you can do to boost morale and keep your patients coming back.  Discuss
Hey, Dr. Brush N. Floss -- Brush and floss!
June 17, 2009 -- Dentist and comedian Jimmy Earll says that when it comes to bad breath, dental practitioners should practice what they preach.  Discuss
Dentistry could use a makeover
June 15, 2009 -- At a recent Red Sox game, the American Academy of Dermatology ran a public service announcement about the importance of sunscreen in the fight against skin cancer. It's time for the dental community to start promoting oral health in much the same way.
Dos and don'ts for growing your practice in this economy
June 5, 2009 -- In this tight economy, dentists are looking near and far for ways to grow their practices, but the best source for practice growth is often your current patients. Their friends and family members can become your new patients by following these Practice Success Dos and Don'ts.  Discuss
Get more patients to say 'yes' to cosmetic treatment
June 5, 2009 -- In a slow economy, some dentists may be tempted to present fewer elective cases. Don't make this mistake! Give every patient the opportunity to say "yes" to a more beautiful smile. Use these Practice Success Dos and Don'ts to boost elective treatment.  Discuss
The juggling act of work and life
June 3, 2009 -- In her latest column, Sheri Doniger discusses the dichotomy between being a woman professional and having a personal life.  Discuss
Ask Marty: What do I need to know about digital impression systems before I invest in one?
June 1, 2009 -- A: Digital impressions are definitely the wave of the future. At some point we will all be taking digital impressions. However, at present, digital impressions have some limitations.  Discuss
Occlusion debate begs education question
May 29, 2009 -- One the most heated debates in dentistry today is neuromuscular dentistry versus centric relation and centric occlusion. It's up to dental professionals to make sure they know all the facts.  Discuss