Transform patients' gum health at home

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We are proud when patients follow our recommendations and health is improved or restored, and when we are able to help change a patient’s life, spanning from brightening their smile for an upcoming life event to restoring health and detection of early pathology. Prevention is our expertise. With about half of Americans exhibiting signs of periodontal infection,1 no substantial decrease in caries rates in this century,2 and significant disparities still found in some population groups,3 our passion for prevention and patient success is needed now more than ever.

The last 20 years of advances in science have shown that inadequate plaque control in the long term can lead to moderate to advanced periodontal disease, and this disease can burden our patients' overall systemic health. The great news is there is a path to prevention, which includes education on why oral hygiene is critical, how to perform it, and the need to do it early and often. We cannot underestimate the power of educating our patients on the foundational importance of daily effective biofilm management for gingival health and caries, and protection from erosive tooth wear.

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