Dos and don'ts for practice management

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Is it wrong to think of your practice as a business?

Obviously, all dentists strive to deliver excellent care to their patients. That's your whole purpose for becoming a dentist in the first place. However, not thinking of a practice as a business has kept many well-meaning dentists practicing years longer than they intended.

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Do approach the business side of your practice realistically. It's your livelihood. You and your family depend on it being successful. Take steps to make your practice as efficient and productive as possible. Remember that the more inefficiently you operate, the less you and your patients benefit.

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Don't think your clinical skills are your barometer for practice success. An inefficient practice is the thorn in your side that never goes away. It's there year after year, hindering your best efforts to be a great dentist. How can you be a great dentist if you are fatigued, stressed, and anxious to go home? How can you live the life you want if your practice isn't performing to your expectations? How happy are your patients going to be when they can sense the stress and frustration the minute they walk into your practice?

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