Dos and don'ts for case presentation: Boosting case acceptance, one case at a time

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Boosting case acceptance, one case at a time

Great case presenters are not made overnight. Outstanding case presentation is a result of consistent training, education, effective training scripts, and staff motivation.

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Have patience. Even the most experienced of dentists find it takes time to master case presentation. Case presentation must be learned, practiced, and perfected if practices wish to take that next step toward greater profitability.

Remember that you and your staff will improve over time. The patience you display now will pay off handsomely later when the number of patients who agree to treatment increases.

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Don't be discouraged by rejection -- learn from it. The dentist and staff can make what they feel is the perfect presentation, only to have the patient turn down treatment for various reasons. Learning to handle case rejection is an important skill that must be developed. The team will always have future opportunities to present treatment again and do a better job educating and motivating patients to proceed with recommended care.

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