Dos and don'ts for staffing

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Job descriptions -- they matter!

Just as you must use a budget to set and document your practice and personal financial goals, you must also document what you expect from your dental team.

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State the requirements loud and clear. If your goal for the financial coordinator is to ensure that 98% of the fees for dentistry performed are collected on time, then that statement should be in the job description so this individual has a clear understanding of what is expected. Other job performance criteria need to be clearly listed. Each should be quantifiable to have meaning. The financial coordinator should then be given whatever support training is necessary and the appropriate scripts to ensure that he or she reaches this goal.

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Don't assume everyone is automatically on board. Often in practices where productivity is not at optimal levels, dental team members will say that they were unaware that particular functions were part of their job. Only through clear instruction and documentation can all team members of the dental team execute the job expected of them.

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