Text messaging: A new patient reminder tool

Iconosys, a company focused on mobile communications technology, is integrating text messaging with the needs of professionals in dental, medical, and other offices, the company announced.

The company's Mighty SMS is a text message scheduling system that allows dental professionals to set up reminders for their clients and patients, and enables them to send their clients and customers courtesy notices and reminders prior to their scheduled appointments, along with thank you notes afterward.

Mighty SMS comes in a personal version, in which all features are managed on the phone itself, or a professional version with more functionality. The app can be administered through an Internet interface, and scheduling can be done in real-time (in front of the patient or while on the phone with a sales lead) and as appointments are being scheduled.

"Already a favorite among dentists here in Orange County, CA, the dentists are seeing a lower volume of cancellations and 'forgettings,' as patients that made appointments sometimes months earlier, and may have completely forgotten their appointment, get a friendly, nonthreatening personal message from their favorite service provider," Wayne Irving, CEO of Iconosys, said in a press release.

Iconosys' proprietary technology, developed with support from Motorola, is a series of algorithms and readings from the technology running on smartphones.

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