Money, money, money: The road to happiness?

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I recently received yet another journal in my office, just like you do, and I was a little intrigued by the cover and just what was on the inside ... and I was appalled. I cannot believe our profession (or at least a part of it) is so focused on making money and lots of it. Let me give you the details, in both articles and advertisements:

  • "200 New Patients per Month"
  • "DIY Effective Dental Advertising"
  • "How one dentist made more $$ with sleep apnea dentistry in 1 week than the average dentist made in 1 year!"

OMG! (That's "Oh my God" in text lingo.)

Inside are ads that promise:

  • "Over $100 Million in ROI ..."
  • "Guaranteed results"
  • "Pump up your production in 2010 by $300/hour -- guaranteed!"
  • "Double your patient referrals ... even in these times!!!"
  • "All you have to do is, well ... NOTHING!"
  • "29 years of increased growth and profitability ($41 M/year in 2009)"
  • "Better Dentistry and More Profit!"
  • "Unlimited New Patients ... 100% Collections ... $2 Million Saved"
  • "Common, Harmful Branding Myths Busted"
  • "Discover Dentistry's DEADLIEST Marketing Mistake"
  • "FREE Online VIDEOS Reveal All!"
  • "5, 4, 3 Days/Week: Income UP $250,000+?"
  • "Who ROUTINELY Does the $26,313 — $79,613+ Big Cases Even in Today's Sparse Economy?"

If you think I'm bashing free enterprise, you're wrong. If you think I'm making fun of anyone, that's not true either. If you think I'm slandering someone, I'm not: It's all in the print -- verbatim.

I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How does seeing this type of stuff on an almost daily basis affect you?
  2. Think more about your answer from question 1. (You're going too fast.)
  3. Is making "tons" of money important to you?
  4. Conversely, what is important to you?
  5. Slow down, answer question 4. It's vital.
  6. Do you believe that there are "secrets" out there that will truly give you the shortcut (with little or no effort, by the way) so you can coast to ... wherever you're going?
  7. Does seeing material like that make you feel less than? Small? Stupid?

Charting the course for your practice is not rocket science and doesn't take a lot of risk or money. But it does take focus and effort.

YOU have the answers; look inside, trust yourself, and take action. You'll find your way.

Don Deems, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., known as the Dentist's Coach, is a co-founder of the Dental Coaches Association, an organization of dentists who are professional coaches committed to bringing professional coaching to the dental profession. Learn more about professional coaching by visiting or

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