Univ. of Mich. adds digital impressioning to dental curriculum

3M and its dental division 3M ESPE is providing the University of Michigan with 14 Lava C.O.S. digital impression-taking systems and related technologies. The tools will be deployed in the predoctoral curriculum of the School of Dentistry.

The dental school's 439 students will be trained to use the equipment as part of their preclinical and patient care experiences. The Lava C.O.S. system will be implemented in the preclinical program for second year students as part of their all-ceramic dental restoration curriculum. Students will use the digital impression-taking system during patient care as a part of the third- and fourth-year clinical program.

In addition to the Lava C.O.S. units, 3M ESPE provided the School of Dentistry with 10 Lava Scan ST units, which can convert a traditional impression into a digital format, allowing the lab to use accurate digital tools to design simple or complex restorations. The software is used to mark the margins of a restoration and perform other design functions to help create a precisely fitting restoration.

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