Dos and don'ts for social media

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Understanding the value -- and demands -- of social media

There's no question that social media is transforming the way people communicate, and services such as Facebook and Twitter can be very helpful marketing tools for dental practices. But like any communications channel, social media must be used wisely.


Establish a presence for your practice on social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media provide excellent opportunities for sharing news about the practice, giving valuable advice about oral health, building relationships, raising brand awareness, and much more. So by all means develop a plan, decide which team member will be in charge of handling social media, and establish your practice's presence out there as soon as you can.


Don't just dabble in social media, and don't stop paying attention. Be sure you're committed long-term before you venture into social media, gathering friends and followers. Allowing your presence to stagnate looks bad. And if a disgruntled patient or someone else makes negative comments, you need to address them quickly to prevent them from hurting your reputation.

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