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ADEPT, the Applied Dental Education Practice Tool, offers a new way for educators and students to create online, interactive dental cases that go beyond just text and multiple-choice answers.

Creating and viewing cases in ADEPT is free!

The ADEPT system is best when utilized on a larger screen or tablet computers. A video tour and additional information can be found below for viewing on your mobile device or click here for the full-site version.

Persistent Patient History
Patient information is always just one click away

ADEPT allows students to access any of the information in the patient case file at any time while going through the case. Students have one-click access to patient and medical history, photos, x-rays, and dental charts. Authors can create additional sections as needed using any combination of text and graphic files.

Automatic Scoring
Save hours of valuable time with automatic case scoring and recording

For educators and instructors, creating a dental case is just the beginning. Grading and assessing the student's performance can require hours of tedious, additional work. ADEPT's automatic scoring system can help quickly assess overall student performance for entire classes and free up valuable time for use in classes and clinical instruction.

Drag-and-Drop Treatment Planning
Test understanding with prioritized treatment plans

In order to create successful treatment plans, the sequence of actions taken is just as important as knowing the correct action. ADEPT allows educators and instructors to test this knowledge using drag-and-drop treatment planning. Students can create treatment plans using drag-and-drop tools from lists of random treatment options, which can include confounders. ADEPT scores the student's first plan submitted and then provides iterative feedback to encourage further learning.

Interactive Dental Charting
Use standard dental charts to intuitively select specific treatments for tooth surfaces

ADEPT allows case authors to easily create dental charts based on the patient's history. Students then use these charts to selectively mark the surfaces of the teeth with their observations and treatments based on the patient history. ADEPT automatically scores the student's marks based on the author's ideal answer and can provide additional hints about why these choices are correct.

Easy Case Authoring
Create truly interactive dental cases tools you already know

Anyone who has used a word processor or uploaded a photo to a photo-sharing site will feel right at home in the ADEPT case authoring environment. It's easy to upload patient history, pictures, and x-rays. Users can create treatment options, add confounding answers, and designate best answers and even include hints for students. Cases can be as complex or as simple as the user likes – all without having to know HTML, JavaScript, PHP, or other Web development languages.

Share Your Cases … or Not
ADEPT allows you to quickly share your cases with others or keep them totally private

For users who are part of a study group or a dental class and want to create a case and share it with others, ADEPT makes this possible also. Users can share cases with students, classes, or even departments and institutions. ADEPT also plays nicely with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more. Users also have the choice of keeping all cases completely private as well.

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