Dos and don'ts for scheduling: Implement a system and stick to it

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Replace your schedule with a scheduling system

Many practices are surprised to learn that their schedules are limiting their growth potential. Inconsistent workloads, avoidable gaps, miscalculating procedure time, and failing to schedule new patients in a timely way can all be costly and stressful.


Create a template for your practice's ideal daily schedule. Consider scheduling more challenging cases in the morning when everyone is fresher. Use time studies to develop more accurate estimates of how long treatments will take. And block out time for new patients so you can see them within seven days of when they first contact you for an appointment.


Don't leave the choice of an appointment date and time entirely up to patients. Guide them into slots that work within your ideal template. And don't let late arrivals cause irritating delays for the rest of the day. Call a day or two ahead to remind patients of their appointment times and confirm that they will arrive as scheduled.

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