Dos and don'ts for patient retention: The value proposition

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Building value for hygiene appointments

Motivating patients to value the hygiene visit continues to be one of the most challenging areas within dentistry. By far the most popular and perplexing question asked by dentists and hygienists alike is, "How can we motivate our patients to make a commitment to keep their scheduled appointments and perform their necessary daily oral hygiene requirements?"


Make patients feel good about the practice. Every appointment is an opportunity to develop stronger relationships with patients. This can be accomplished by learning at least one personal item about patients during each visit. Patients love talking about their interests, hobbies, and family. Knowing this information is a great way to build the practice-patient relationship. Use a patient relationship form to document this information and consult the form prior to each appointment.


Don't assume patients will just show up for their next appointment. Each patient should have a reason to return other than just the passage of time. If patients leave thinking that all they are receiving is a cleaning, they will be quick to cancel their next appointment when something better comes along.

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