Dos and don'ts for practice management: Choosing the right technology

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New technology in dentistry is good ... as long as it is the right technology. It must provide a significant return on investment to be deemed a worthwhile expense.

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Choose carefully. Evaluate technologies carefully. Dentists sometimes like to tinker with new technologies because they add excitement to the practice. However, the practice is a business and must be considered as such from an investment standpoint. Ultimately the question is: Will the technology provide a positive return on investment to the practice and increase overall production?

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Don't purchase technology that is "technique-sensitive." "Technique-sensitive" is a term used by manufacturers to describe a procedure or technology that has difficulty associated with it. The rationale is always that once the dentist masters the learning curve, it will be an effective technology in the practice. In my experience, technique-sensitive technologies rarely work out. The reason is not that it is a poor technology -- just one that is too difficult to use.

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