Dos and don'ts for creating an effective schedule

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Make mornings count

Once a practice establishes daily targets, it must then strive to schedule 60% to 65% of production in the morning. The objective is to create an efficient and less stressed day.


Reduce the amount of single-tooth treatments. Morning production should include all major procedures, such as crowns, bridges, first denture appointments, etc. Procedures such as these generate high levels of production for a practice. The target should be to reduce single-tooth treatments to 55% to 60% of total production. The point of this scheduling guideline is to take on the more challenging clinical assignments when the energy levels of dentist and staff are at their peak.


Don't overbook the afternoon. Generally, afternoon appointments should be reserved for minor procedures and also new patients and consultations. Why build time for new patients into each afternoon? The longer it takes new patients to come in for a first appointment, the greater the likelihood that they cancel. Set a target of scheduling them within seven days of their initial phone call.

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