Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Master the science of internal marketing

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In today's economy, acquiring new patients isn't the easiest task. In fact, it can seem impossible if you're not leveraging internal marketing. Only a well-designed series of in-office marketing strategies targeting your current patients can attract more patients.


Train your staff to ask for referrals. Your team is your greatest marketing asset. Make use of that power! Many times a patient will comment how pleased he or she was with the treatment -- an ideal time for a staff member to respond with a referral request, such as, "We love having patients like you. Please tell your friends about us." Patients are happy to provide their opinions and feedback. Many just need to be asked.


Don't neglect customer service. Excellent customer service may be the best form of internal marketing. Patients love to be seen promptly, have their questions answered courteously and be treated like VIPs. The dentist and staff can increase a patient's satisfaction with actions that enhance a patient's personal experience. For example, get in the habit of using the patient's name frequently, learn at least one new personal fact about each patient during each visit, and make follow-up calls to patients after treatment.

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