Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Where the new patient experience begins

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The new patient experience, which is the process of bringing a new patient into the practice, plays a critical role in increasing production. It does not begin when patients first present to the office. It actually begins with the initial phone call.


Answer phone calls promptly. Making patients wait on the phone creates an immediate impression of the practice -- a bad one. Calls that are not answered quickly suggest a poorly run organization and lack of interest in serving patients. While dental practices and front desk areas can be extremely busy, the new patient must be given a positive first impression.


Don't treat patients like numbers. Make patients feel welcome. This begins with a scripted welcoming comment such as, "I'm glad that you called. We love meeting new patients, and we look forward to working with you." The right scripting will assure patients that they will have a uniquely positive experience with this practice.

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