Do's and don'ts for education: Create opportunities for learning

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Whether it's for you, your staff, or your patients, educational opportunities are a great benefit to your practice. Business education helps improve your management skills. Continuing education (CE) can keep your staff up to date with the latest technology and techniques, and dental education will help teach your patients the value of proper dental care.


Put business on your list of CE priorities. To succeed in the new dental economy, you need more than clinical skills. You also need to know how to manage a team and run your business efficiently. Take advantage of the many opportunities for business education, including online resources, books, articles, seminars, and dental organization programs.


Don't forget to build value for the hygiene visit. Many patients think of it as "only a cleaning." More of them will schedule regularly if they are fully aware of all the services you provide as part of hygiene appointments: periodontal probing, oral cancer screening, radiological exam, fluoride treatment, scaling and root planing, education, and, of course, prophylaxis.

Roger P. Levin, DDS, is the CEO of Levin Group, a leading dental management consulting firm, and one of the most sought-after speakers in dentistry. Dr. Levin has authored 65 books and more than 4,000 articles on dental practice management and marketing. You can sign up for the Levin Group Tip of the Day.

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