Pacific Dental announces scholarship winners

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The Pacific Dental Services Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling more than $80,000 to 17 dental assisting students from across the U.S.

The scholarships were announced March 11 to coincide with this year's Dental Assistants Recognition Week.

Below are the Dr. Carolyn Ghazal Dental Assistant Scholarship recipients for spring 2022:

  • Felix Cabreja Adorno, Concorde Career College, Tampa, FL
  • Sha-naesha Brewton, UEI College, Morrow, GA
  • Lyeisha Briggs, Florida Career College, Lauderdale Lakes, FL
  • Alexis Casarez, Carrington College, Portland, OR
  • Elaine Cervantez, Concorde Career College, San Diego, CA
  • Sarah Chee, Carrington College, Las Vegas, NV
  • Jessica Forsee, Delta College, Slidell, LA
  • Moriah Hernandez, High Desert Medical College, Bakersfield, CA
  • Celine Heywood, Atlantic Technical College, Coconut Creek, FL
  • Quiniya Lake, Concorde Career College, Memphis, TN
  • Lucy McMath, Practical Dental Assisting, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Montserrat Merino-Gongora, Concorde Career College, Portland, OR
  • Luis Padilla, PIMA Medical Institute, Seattle, WA
  • Sydney Remington-Belle, Practical Dental Assisting, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Hailee Roberts, Concorde Career College, Aurora, CO
  • Monica Sesma, Carrington College, Phoenix, AZ
  • Nicole Simon, Concorde Career College, North Hollywood, CA

Scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis to dental assistant students to help cover tuition expenses. The scholarship review committee awards scholarships based on applicants' financial need, heart for service, career aspirations, and other criteria.

Since the scholarship's founding in 2016, the PDS Foundation has granted more than $1 million to students in pursuit of advancing their careers within the dental industry.

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