Week in Review: Apical periodontitis caused by bruxism | Coverage from DSO meeting | New Dental Dose episode

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Dental x-rays revealed that a healthy 28-year-old man developed apical periodontitis in two teeth following an intense phase of bruxism that lasted about a year. Our article on the case report was the top story of the week.

It is believed to be the first clinical case of apical periodontitis caused solely by bruxism, according to the authors. The case highlights the importance of taking complete medical histories and performing routine x-rays.

Dental service organization coverage

In a DrBicuspid.com first, we virtually covered the 2022 Association of Dental Support Organizations Summit, which took place this week in Austin, TX. Editor Melissa Busch interviewed one presenter about how dental service organizations (DSOs) can better incorporate technology to give patients a stable, quality experience across practices.

If DSO content interests you, you'll also want to check out a Second Opinion piece by Dr. Michael W. Davis. Davis asks whether it was moral for practices affiliated with large private equity-backed DSOs to secure Paycheck Protection Program loans. The federal government intended the loans to help small businesses that have limited financial reserves or means to raise cash in a crisis.

U.S. dental spending projected to hit $230 billion

Annual spending on dental care in the U.S. is projected to balloon up to $230 billion by 2030, more than a 60% increase than what Americans spent on dental health in 2020, according to new projections from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

In 2020, the U.S. spent about $142 billion on dental care, and the CMS projects that figure will be $166 billion for 2021. However, the soaring dental expenditures are minor compared to total health spending, which CMS expects to reach $6.8 trillion by 2030.

New episode of Dental Dose

DrBicuspid.com's popular pharmacology video series Dental Dose covers two facets of dental pharmacology: one, medications used in dentistry with systemic effects, and, two, medications used for nondental conditions that impact dentistry.

Yesterday's episode tackles both aspects of dental pharmacology. The topic? Treating patients with asthma.

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