Debunking DSO myths: A focus on team member security and growth

Kim McCleskey.
Kim McCleskey.

In the realm of dental service organizations (DSOs), there are often misconceptions about how they impact dental office staff. Kim McCleskey, a seasoned professional with 35 years of experience in dentistry, recently explored this topic in a recent article on Her insights shed light on the evolving dynamics within DSOs, particularly regarding team member retention and advancement opportunities.

Tackling the myth of staff replacement

One prevalent myth is that DSOs replace existing office staff when they acquire a practice. However, McCleskey, in an interview you can hear in the video below, challenges this notion, emphasizing that DSOs understand the value of a happy and secure team. She explains that DSOs, whether they are led by private equity or groups of dentists, recognize the importance of retaining skilled and motivated team members for the success of their investment.

Opportunities for growth and development

McCleskey highlighted how DSOs offer various pathways for team members to expand their skills and advance in their careers. Whether clinical or administrative, team members can find opportunities to grow within the organization. This approach not only benefits the individual but also contributes to the overall success of the practice.

Addressing burnout and enhancing job satisfaction

Amid concerns of burnout in the dental industry, DSOs can provide a refreshing perspective. They offer avenues for team members to explore new roles, share their expertise, and experience personal and professional growth. This can reignite passion and enthusiasm, combating burnout and enhancing overall job satisfaction.

Embracing a culture of growth and advancement

McCleskey's personal experience reflects a shift in how DSOs view their team members. Instead of seeing them as replaceable, DSOs now view them as valuable assets to be nurtured and developed. This culture of growth and advancement creates a more fulfilling work environment, where team members are encouraged to excel and expand their horizons.

Looking ahead

As the dental industry continues to evolve, DSOs play a significant role in shaping its future. By fostering a culture of growth, development, and job security, DSOs are not only debunking myths but also creating a more dynamic and rewarding environment for dental office staff.

McCleskey's insights provide a valuable perspective on the changing landscape of DSOs and their impact on dental office staff. By recognizing and supporting the aspirations of their team members, DSOs are often paving the way for a more sustainable and fulfilling future in dentistry.

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Kim McCleskey is a practice transition consultant with Professional Transition Strategies. She has worked in dentistry for 30 years and is a certified professional business coach. She can be reached at [email protected].

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