GreenMark gets $200K to advance products to treat sensitivity, more

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GreenMark Biomedical has received $200,000 to develop technology that is designed to treat tooth sensitivity and early-stage decay mineralization.

So far, GreenMark has raised $8.6 million. In the last year of a five-year program, the Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss Regenerative Medicine Resource Center will continue to support GreenMark with expertise and guidance.

In other news, GreenMark has partnered with Dentulu to launch CrystLCare, a fluoride-free, biorestorative dental product. Using GreenMark's patented nanotechnology, CrystLCare dissolvable strips deliver calcium and phosphate to form hydroxyapatite, aiding natural tooth repair and providing rapid sensitivity relief.

These strips, designed for immediate and long-lasting effect from dental sensitivity, can be used before teeth whitening and the placement of porcelain veneers and after scaling and root planing. CrystLCare is available online and through dental offices in the U.S.

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