Podcast: Dentists' biggest worries heading into 2024 and how to reduce them

Dayna Johnson
Dayna Johnson.

Before 2023 ended, we asked DrBicuspid.com readers to tell us their biggest worries and concerns heading into the new year. After looking over your votes and comments, we came up with the three that were listed the most.

In fact, our readers told us that (in order) hiring new team members and keeping the team together was the top concern followed by the role insurance will play in the dental practice in 2024 and the economy.

With those concerns in mind, I sat down for a wide-ranging discussion with Dayna Johnson, a practice management software and workflow expert, to tackle those three topics. In addition, I wanted to speak with Johnson about ways that dentists and dental team members can lower their stress levels as the first days of 2024 unfold.

Johnson and I both give our thoughts on each of the three worries and offer real-world advice on making those concerns a smaller part of your day. That advice includes understanding the impact of external factors on not only you but your customers (patients) as well.

"I really do, as a dental professional, you need to think about what the worries of your patients are, because if it’s worrying you, it’s probably worrying your customers too," I told Johnson. "What are some talking points that you can have for your team and you whenever you walk into that operatory and Mrs. Jones needs that crown, but Mrs. Jones doesn’t want to pay for that crown? Having things like this in place ahead of team will prepare you to tackle any concerns head-on."

In addition to with working with dental practices throughout the country, Johnson is the host of "The High Performing Dental Team" podcast. Our interview as a part of that podcast series can be found below. It lasts just under 30 minutes and is filled with discussions centered around the three biggest worries and what can be done about them.

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