ZimVie launches new dental implant in the U.S.

2016 08 18 14 05 36 950 Implant 400

Dental products manufacturer ZimVie, formerly Zimmer Biomet, has launched the TSX dental implant in the U.S.

The implant uses a hybrid of ZimVie's proprietary dual acid-etched (DAE) and multiaxial surface technologies to balance a patient's peri-implant health needs in the coronal and subcoronal regions. Minimally rough coronal surfaces like DAE may lower the risk of biofilm formation and peri-implantitis while offering osseointegration potential to maintain crestal bone, according to ZimVie.

The implant's threads and taper are designed to follow a patient's prepared osteotomy and provide a precisely positioned, aesthetically restored stable implant. The TSX implant is compatible with the Encode Emergence 3-in-1 healing abutment, impression coping, and scanbody system.

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