NovoDynamics releases updated NovoHealth Dental

Dental Insurance

Dental artificial intelligence software provider NovoDynamics has launched the latest release of NovoHealth Dental, a system that prechecks insurance claim submissions for required documentation.

The system’s claim quality assurance module now verifies that the anatomy referenced in the claim is clear in attached images. If the claim submission is incomplete, NovoHealth Dental triggers an alert about the missing information.

Additionally, the module does the following:

  • NovoHealth Dental recognizes and classifies attachment types, distinguishing between radiographs, photographs, charts, and correspondence.

  • It separates individual views from a full-mouth series and specifies each image as a bitewing, periapical, or panoramic image.

  • It identifies and labels quadrants and teeth and determines whether referenced anatomy is visible.

  • It determines if evidence required by the payer for the specific procedure is included.
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