DOCS Education updates sedation information website

DOCS Education has recently revamped, a free website that summarizes each U.S. state or Canadian province's sedation dentistry regulations, to demystify sedation regulations for dentists.

DOCS Education's Regulatory Counsel John Bitting researches and writes each summary to provide a plain language description of the regulation, according to the company.

The redesigned and updated site includes regulation summaries for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the 10 provinces and three territories of Canada, and an additional 14 countries.

The site's home page displays a map of the U.S. and Canada that allows the user click on a state, province, or territory, and be directed to a summary of the selected area's sedation training and permit requirements. A pull-down menu is also available that lists the states, provinces, and territories in alphabetical order. also hosts information on nitrous oxide sedation, oral sedation dentistry, pediatric sedation dentistry, and IV sedation dentistry. Safety, equipment, and team training for each type of sedation are addressed and also the effects on malpractice insurance premiums. Users can also sign up for free alerts to eliminate the need to continuously revisit the site to check for regulation changes.

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