Sailo gets CE approval for novel implant

Sialo Technology has received regulatory approval in Europe to market and sell its Dynamic Implant Valve Approach (DIVA).

DIVA is designed to allow dentists to perform complex surgical procedures, such as a closed sinus elevation, via the implant in a minimally invasive manner simultaneously with the implant insertion, the company noted in a press release.

The basic external structure of the implant is changed, but the dentist does not need to alter his or her working methods, according to Sialo. The structure can be embedded in any implants currently sold on the market.

The company has also completed tests it claims confirm that the structure of the implant's sealing mechanism prevents penetration of various pollutants and bacteria from the oral cavity to the layer of the bone into which the implant is placed.

Consequently, the DIVA can be used as a substitute for standard implants and is not limited for use only in the upper mandible, according to Sialo. It can also be used for intraoperative or postoperative delivery of therapeutic agents due to the ability to reopen the DIVA's internal canal at any time after the completion of the procedure.

Sialo said it is looking for commercial partners to help market and distribute the DIVA.

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