Dental assistant accused of assault gives up license

Executive Board

A dental assistant in New Jersey who allegedly assaulted an institutionalized older person has voluntarily surrendered her license, according to the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs, Board of Dentistry.

Yaasmeen Hayward's surrender of her license took effect immediately, but it is considered a temporary suspension pending the outcome of the criminal charges. Once the criminal charges are resolved, Hayward may seek reinstatement of her license, according to the state board's interim consent order dated May 7.

In January 2024, Hayward allegedly was working as a certified nurse's aide when she was charged with assaulting an institutionalized older person and endangering another person/creating a risk of serious bodily injury, according to the order.

If Hayward had not surrendered her license, the dental board would have had to consider suspension and revocation, according to the state.

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