Hygiene Insider: The importance of implant maintenance

Dear Hygiene Insider,

There is no question that dental implants are an ever-growing part of our industry and a great option for many dental patients. Of course, along with the placement of these implants comes their maintenance down the road. Correct maintenance is critical for the health of the patient and the continued success of the implant.

Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, has written on this topic for years, and I am thrilled that she is sharing her knowledge on the correct methods for implant maintenance and also some good tips to remember on the topic with DrBicuspid.com readers in this edition's Insider Exclusive. It's an article in the Hygiene Community definitely worth reading and sharing with your entire team.

Wadsworth also provided our readers with a thought-provoking article on the benefits of assisted hygiene to your business and team, including your dental assistants. If you're interested in learning more on the topic after reading her article, DrBicuspid.com also has an excellent continuing education (CE) course on the topic that can earn you 1 (one) CE credit.

This week also marks a big change in North Carolina. The state has amended its prior-exam rule, allowing public health dental hygienists to perform preventive dental procedures on patients who have not been previously evaluated by a dentist and without a dentist present. This takes effect on February 1.

Thank you for being a Hygiene Insider! We hope your 2020 is off to a fantastic start, both personally and professionally.

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