Interview questions that hygienists forget to ask

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The prospect of looking for a new hygiene position can be daunting. Often, the thought of going through the interview process and the risk of getting into a practice that's not a good fit are enough to stop you in your tracks.

Rachel Wall, RDH.Rachel Wall, RDH.

So how do you know you're joining the right practice? The honest answer is that you don't always know until you are there working with the doctor and team day in and day out. So here is a list of a few questions you'll want to ask at the interview that might give you a little more insight into whether this practice is the right fit for you.

Besides the routine questions you know to ask a potential employer (full time or part time, compensation, and so on), these questions may give you a little more insight into the true culture of the practice. The last thing you want is for your potential employer to feel interrogated, so remember to be yourself during an interview and ask these questions in a conversational way -- and always ask to do a working interview and to spend time with the team.

  • Tell me what's most important to you in a team member.
  • What are you most proud of about your practice?
  • How often do you have scheduled team meetings?
  • What are the most recent continuing education events you and the team attended together? At what level do you support the team's continuing education?
  • What dental technology is currently in place in the practice?
  • Will I be made aware of the financial status of the practice? Will I be expected to reach certain production goals? Is there an opportunity for bonus or profit sharing?
  • Who is responsible for the scheduling and administration of the hygiene department?
  • What information do you expect me to share with the patients regarding their periodontal health and status of their teeth and restorations?
  • Share with me the protocol you use to detect and treat periodontal disease. At what point do you refer patients to a periodontist?
  • Aside from traditional duties of a hygienist such as performing prophies and scaling and root planing, what other duties do you consider the responsibility of a hygienist as a team member?
  • What is it about you and your team that makes you stand out from other dental practices?
  • What equipment is available in each hygiene operatory? What is the age of that equipment?

As an international speaker, coach, and owner of Inspired Hygiene, Rachel Wall, RDH, has guided thousands of dental professionals to elevate their hygiene services and systems while driving profits to the bottom line and developing empowered, engaged hygienists. She is a past recipient of the DrBicuspid Dental Excellence Award for Most Effective Dental Hygienist Educator. If you'd like to learn more about how Inspired Hygiene can help your practice, email [email protected] to set up a complimentary strategy session.

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