Kid musical genius turns oral care product sounds into song

A 7-year-old musical prodigy has created a two-minute song, "Brushin’ My Teeth,” using sounds generated from buzzing electric toothbrushes, closing toothpaste caps, shaking mints, and other products from Colgate.

Miles Bonham, who plays an impressive eight musical instruments and has an advanced knowledge of sound-editing software, caught the attention of Colgate after he went viral for creating an entire trap beat using a toothbrush he received at a dental visit.

The boy, who boasts an impressive 2.3 million Instagram followers and often posts behind-the-scenes footage of himself creating tracks, was sent a box of Colgate products, which he used to create a catchy song aimed at inspiring kids to brush for the recommended two minutes.

In addition to the oral products sounds, Miles, who has perfect pitch, raps about brushing and flossing; cleaning the top, bottom, and back teeth; and brushing "off the gunk" while dancing around with his sister.

The song is available exclusively on Spotify and featured on Colgate’s “2 Mins 2 Fresh” toothbrushing playlist.

View Miles’ Instagram below to watch how he created the song.


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