Top 5 dental hygiene articles of 2023

The importance of the oral-systemic link, knowing which patients should use mouthwash, and a life-threatening toothbrush accident were some of’s most read dental hygiene articles of 2023, as measured by reader views.  

Without any further delay, check out our top five dental hygiene stories of 2023.

1. Dentists ignore ADA blood pressure guide 

Blood Pressure

Despite dentists rarely adhering to ADA recommendations to defer treating patients with elevated blood pressure, procedures are often completed without causing measurable harm, aligning with newer, less restrictive guidelines from the American Heart Association. Patients whose treatment was deferred were unlikely to return for dental care with improved blood pressure control or after taking new blood pressure medicine.

2. Toothbrush injury causes stroke in 2-year-old boy

In a popular case report, a 2-year-old boy fell while brushing his teeth, causing the brush to become stuck in his pharynx, leading to an ischemic stroke. After extensive hospital treatment, the child remained paralyzed on the lower half of his left side.  

3. New study links invasive dental procedures to heart inflammation 

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Researchers documented a significant association between invasive dental procedures and the occurrence of endocarditis in high-risk individuals. However, the incidence of endocarditis was notably reduced with antibiotic prophylaxis, supporting the current guidelines recommending its use to prevent endocarditis following invasive dental procedures. 

4. Is extra-virgin olive oil the key to improving gingivitis? 

A toothpaste containing extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) demonstrated superior efficacy in improving gingivitis compared to commercial antigingivitis toothpastes. In the study, patients with gingivitis who used the EVOO-containing toothpaste exhibited reduced gingival bleeding, decreased supragingival biofilms, and increased salivary pH over a four-month period, outperforming the effects of a commercial toothpaste. 

5. Think twice before encouraging patients to use mouthwash 

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For individuals with a low caries risk and good periodontal health, mouthwash may provide limited benefits and could potentially contribute to other health issues. Emerging studies suggest that frequent use of antimicrobial mouthwashes might disrupt oral microbiota in healthy individuals, impacting one's overall health. 


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