When is it OK to give 'healthy' gifts, like toothbrushes?

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Go ahead, wrap that toothbrush and give it for your upcoming holiday celebration. Just make sure the recipient is about 24 years old. By that age, people in the U.S. are tickled to receive toothbrushes, books, or underwear as gifts, according to the results of a new survey.

People appreciate more practical gifts as they mature, and approximately 80% of Americans who celebrate winter holidays say they prefer receiving gifts, like health and wellness items, that they know they will use, according to the findings of the survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Chuck & Dwight's Arm & Hammer Spinbrush.

"For many of us, our health and well-being has become more important over the years and so has gifting more practical, often times healthful gifts, especially when it comes to stocking stuffer ideas," said Derek Wallin, DDS, described as a Spinbrush expert.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, about 77% said they were more focused on health and will look to that sector for gift-giving inspiration this year.

In addition to survey participants thoughts on practical gifts, the survey also looked at gift-giving traditions.

About 60% of respondents said they give traditional gifts, many of them practical ones, every year during the holidays, while about 64% receive the same items each year. It's pretty obvious that each year people have their favorite go-to gifts.

Dr. Wallin believes giving gifts, like oral care items, shows people are more focused on health and wellness and looking to make better lifestyle choices.

"As a dentist, I couldn't be happier that people are looking to give gifts that help their loved ones achieve a healthier, brighter smile," he said.

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