Biolase expands U.S. patent portfolio

Biolase has been awarded two new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Patent No. 8,439,904, "Tapered fused waveguide for teeth whitening," is related to providing specially designed waveguide delivery systems that can be coupled to lasers to deliver electromagnetic radiation to treatment sites with relatively uniform power distributions over wide illumination areas.

Patent No. 8,419,719, "Target-close electromagnetic energy emitting device," is a continuation of patent No. 7,815,630 with the same title. It covers a number of variations for having a battery-operated laser guided with a wireless transmitter and receiver controlled by a separate graphical user interface unit.

Additional claims specifically cover Biolase's unique ComfortPulse laser pulse characteristics included in the Epic, ezlase, and iLase soft-tissue diode lasers and diode laser wavelengths ranging from 915 nm to 980 nm.

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