Diabetes screening; report on underserved populations; and the father of army dentistry

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Today's soldiers owe a debt to Chicago dentist Dr. John Sayre Marshall, the father of army dentistry. Dr. Marshall saw the worst of the U.S. Civil War and dedicated his life to improving the dental care of soldiers in the country. Read more of Daniel Demer's profile of this influential figure in military dentistry here.

The ADA has released a report on oral health disparities in underserved populations, focusing on programs that target tooth decay and periodontal disease, the two most prevalent dental problems. The report is part of the organization's goal to deliver care to people with untreated disease, strengthen and expand the public/private safety net to provide more care to more Americans, and bring dental health education and disease prevention to people in underserved communities. Read Donna Domino's article here.

There is a lot of supportive literature on screening dental patients for conditions such as hypertension and cholesterol, and now a new field trial has found that the dental setting can play an important role in identifying patients who may have diabetes or prediabetes. Read more of Contributing Editor Rabia Mughal's article here.

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