Dos and don'ts for marketing: Increase production with relationship marketing

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A number of years ago, corporate marketing experts came up with a new idea -- to market their goods or services by building lasting relationships with their customers. This approach, known as relationship marketing, happens to be a perfect match for dental practices. The key to increasing production is to create and maintain strong relationships with patients, so that when you present treatment they're inclined to take your advice.


Form personal bonds with your patients. The best way to retain patients long-term and motivate them to accept treatment is to make them feel that they have a valuable relationship with your practice. This will not happen automatically. You and your team members must collect personal facts about patients that you can work into conversations during every appointment. The stronger the connection, the greater your influence.


Don't forget -- there are two sides to a relationship. When forming bonds with patients, remember to share your own personal story. Don't just learn their interests -- talk about yours and find common interests. Be more than just "the dentist." Be the friend who provides oral healthcare.

Roger P. Levin, DDS, is the founder and CEO of Levin Group, the leading dental practice consulting firm in North America. For the complete list of dates and locations where you can attend his latest seminar, visit

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