The law of attraction

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The law of attraction means that what you are moving toward is also moving toward you.

You inevitably attract people, ideas, circumstances, and resources into your life that harmonize with your dominant thoughts. So I pose this question to you: What are you attracting?

What a funny question. It's amazing how people do not understand the power of this principle. Ultimately, what you think about is what comes to you.

Controlling distractions

Because what you think about influences what you receive, I recommend to my clients that they limit exposure to things that will bring negativity into their world:

Jay Geier is the president and founder of the Scheduling Institute.Jay Geier is the president and founder of the Scheduling Institute.
  • Watching TV news
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Listening to talk radio
  • Surfing the internet for news

I live by this myself. Too much exposure to these media outlets will put any well-balanced person into a state of depression. This exposure will put their focus squarely on issues and circumstances over which they have no control.

We must control our focus and not let it fall prey to the many forces trying to distract us and cripple our minds. Sometimes that even includes limiting, or eliminating, negative relationships.

Take some time this week to work on eliminating a few negative influences and habits. Start with this simple exercise and ask yourself: What negative influences or habits can I eliminate this week?

The ripple effect

You have to do this for yourself. Get in the mindset you need to be in.

You also have to do this for your team. Whether your practice goals are big or small, weak or strong, you won't accomplish goals in your practice without your team's help.

You're the leader of the practice so by default the leader of your team. Whether you think you're good at this or not, you better embrace it and be intentional about how you act and lead your people. The way you think, act, and talk will influence every person you work with. If you come in angry and short-tempered, your team will either adopt that same attitude or retreat into their shell to avoid you. If you come in positive, forward thinking, full of life, and hopeful about the future, they will most likely follow suit. If someone doesn't, don't ignore it. A bad apple will eventually sour the apple cart.

Think big. Think positively. Express goodness and have fun doing it. Be the person who builds others up, not the one who tears people down.

Jay Geier is the founder and owner of the Scheduling Institute, a dental training and practice consulting company. To learn more new patient strategies that yield long-term results, register for a two-day Ultimate New Patient Attraction Event in October in Atlanta.

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