New CE courses focus on handpiece sterilization, insurance

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Two new continuing education (CE) courses are now available from Topics include dental handpiece sterilization and insurance independence.

Kathy Eklund, director of Occupational Health and Safety, Forsyth Institute
Dental Handpieces: Reprocessing and Reuse, Got Contaminant?

Studies have consistently shown that proper sterilization of handpieces is lacking in many dental practices. And even if you are diligent about sterilization, if you don't clean your water lines or sterilize motors attached to air lines, you can still pass contaminant from one patient to the next. Eklund offers practical advice for proper sterilization techniques.

Price: $159
CE credits: 2.0

Steven Anderson, founder, Total Patient Service Institute
Do You Take My Insurance: Secrets of going insurance independent in an era of declining reimbursement

What can your practice do to increase production and profits when reimbursement gets slashed. Anderson offers a strategy for responding to your patients' insurance concerns successfully. The course also helps your practice develop a strategy for successfully navigating today's changing dental insurance landscape.

Price: Free
CE credits: 1.0

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