Do's and don'ts for self-care: Take care of yourself

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Too many dentists and team members run themselves ragged by not eating properly, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, or taking time out for themselves. That kind of unhealthy lifestyle will catch up to you. Both doctors and staff should develop healthy routines that include regular exercise, sleep, healthy food, and bonding with family, friends, and even co-workers. All of these things are important to your physical and mental well-being.


Get out of the office. Organize an annual all-day team meeting -- at an offsite location -- to focus on current issues and strategic planning for the practice. This approach creates an opportunity to bring people together, forge a team spirit, and identify problem areas and solutions, without having to simultaneously care for patients.


Don't forget to create new bonds between team members. At your next Monthly Business MeetingTM, ask staff members to share one surprising personal fact about themselves that they are comfortable sharing. It could be anything ... a hobby, artistic talent, favorite charity, or "secret" wish. As you learn these interesting details about the lives of those you work with every day, you'll feel closer to each other and work better together.

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