Do's and don'ts for keeping current patients

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As the years go by, dentists often become very friendly and close with patients. While this is wonderful, it can also create a false sense of security. Remember, patients don't owe you anything and may go to another office at any time. Always employ strategies that help cater to patients, build value for your practice, and encourage patients to remain at the practice regardless of what changes they may experience.


Promote the practice's brand. A strong brand attracts new patients and keeps current patients coming back, which results in long-term growth and success. Emphasize what differentiates your practice -- on your website, in other marketing messages, at community events, and in interactions with current patients. Give prospective patients reasons to come to your practice and existing patients reasons to stay.


Don't take current patients for granted. The focus on attracting new patients can sometimes cause practices to lose focus on existing patients. Always go out of your way to value the patients who have been with the office for years. Continue giving them multiple reasons to stay with the practice.

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