Do's and don'ts for ensuring your new associate's success

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You want and need for your new associate to be a success. This begins with how you welcome this new team member to your staff. Ensure that staff view a new doctor as an essential part of the dental team. To discourage improper behavior by team members, make it clear from the beginning that the associate dentist is to be treated with respect. A new associate should be viewed as an asset to the dental team and the office. As the practice leader, you should make this clear in word and action.


Be a mentor. Getting your new associate off on the right foot will require lots of face time. Meet regularly with the new doctor to review goals, discuss problems, and brainstorm ways to make improvements for the practice and for each of you as individuals.


Don't expect an associate to present cases as well as you. A new doctor will lack your years of experience and, therefore, may either under- or oversell patients. Update your case presentation system and help your associate master it. Your reward will be higher case acceptance.

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