400 dental practices hit by ransomware attack

2019 08 30 17 57 4607 Data Network Breach 400

About 400 dental practices across the U.S. lost access to critical electronic files after a recent ransomware attack.

The attack occurred over the August 24-25 weekend and targeted DDS Safe, medical records software from Digital Dental Record and IT partner PerCSoft. The attackers deployed a virus on the software used by the companies to back up patient data, such as charts, x-rays, and payments.

Digital Dental Record learned about the attack early on Monday, August 26. An anonymous source told IT professionals website ZDNet that the company paid the ransom demand and has been sharing a key to help affected practices recover their files.

The process to restore files will be lengthy and difficult, a spokesperson for Digital Dental Record told CNN. So far, about 100 practices have restored their files.

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